Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Controversial Film ‘The Kerala Story’ in West Bengal, Orders Security Measures in Tamil Nadu


The Supreme Court has issued a stay on the West Bengal government’s ban on the screening of the film ‘The Kerala Story’, which had sparked intense online debates and criticism. The bench, led by Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud, emphasized that it is the responsibility of the state government to maintain law and order, especially when the film has received certification from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), according to PTI.

The controversial film has faced strong objections and accusations of being a propaganda film, leading to the ban imposed by the West Bengal government due to concerns about potential threats to law and order. However, the Supreme Court’s stay order now allows the film to be screened in the state.

Furthermore, the apex court took note of the fact that there was no de facto ban on the film in Tamil Nadu and directed the Tamil Nadu government to ensure adequate security measures in every cinema hall. The court emphasized the importance of protecting the safety of movie-goers who wish to watch the film and ordered the state government to make the necessary arrangements. The Supreme Court explicitly stated that no steps, whether formal or informal, should be taken by the Tamil Nadu government to prevent the screening of the film, as reported by PTI.

During the hearing, the bench expressed its views on the matter, stating that the legal provisions should not be used to cater to public intolerance. The court stressed that if such a premium is put on public intolerance, all films would face similar challenges.

In addition, the Supreme Court instructed the film’s producer to include a disclaimer in the film by 5 pm on May 20th. The court took note of the allegations regarding the conversion of 32,000 women to Islam and deemed it necessary for the producer to address the issue by including a disclaimer, as reported by the news agency.

The Supreme Court’s decision to lift the ban on ‘The Kerala Story’ in West Bengal highlights the importance of upholding freedom of expression and the role of the state government in maintaining law and order. The court’s directive to ensure security measures in Tamil Nadu emphasizes the protection of movie-goers and their right to watch the film without any hindrance. By ordering the inclusion of a disclaimer, the court acknowledges the need to address controversial content within the film and provide clarity to the viewers.

In conclusion, the Supreme Court’s intervention in the ban on ‘The Kerala Story’ allows the film to be screened in West Bengal, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining law and order. The court’s directions to the Tamil Nadu government regarding security measures ensure a safe environment for movie-goers. The inclusion of a disclaimer in the film aims to address the allegations and provide necessary context.


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