Surat’s Vidyakunj-Vidyapeeth Group Launches Mobile School Bus to Educate Underprivileged Children


In a remarkable endeavor to bring education to the underprivileged children residing in slums and on footpaths, the Vidyakunj-Vidyapeeth Group of Surat, Gujarat has introduced a mobile school bus.

This innovative initiative involves transforming a bus into a fully-equipped mobile classroom, complete with benches, carpets, a television, lights, a fan, and internet connectivity. The bus will cater to the educational needs of 32 children, offering three-hour classes on a daily basis. The Vidyakunj-Vidyapeeth Group firmly believes in the significance of education for all children, including those from marginalized backgrounds. By providing access to education, these children can aspire to improve their lives and create a better future for themselves. To ensure a conducive learning environment, the mobile school bus has been thoughtfully equipped with essential amenities.

Currently, the bus accommodates 32 students, but if the number of children seeking education through this initiative increases, the group is prepared to conduct two batches of three-hour classes to accommodate the growing demand. This unique project not only highlights the commitment of the Vidyakunj-Vidyapeeth Group to bridge the educational gap but also serves as an inspiring model for addressing the challenges faced by underprivileged children. By taking education directly to their doorstep, the mobile school bus offers a lifeline of hope and opportunities for a brighter future.


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