Swami Govinda Dev Giri Maharaj Ji & Honourable Minister, Shriniwas Patil ji receives photograph of Shriguru Majid Paithankar in honor of his work for World Peace & Religious Unity.


Honorable Shri. Rajendra Shinde, a well-known social worker from Pune, has played a pivotal role in honoring Shriguru Majid Paithankar, a renowned Islamic saint and yoga master, for his work towards promoting unity, equality, and world peace.

Shriguru’s contributions have been acknowledged through the gifting of his photograph to two prominent figures in Indian society. The first recipient of the photograph was the Honorable Swami Govinda Dev Giri Maharaj Ji, Treasurer Trustee of the Shri Ram Janambhumi Tirth Kshetra Trust, and founder of Geeta Pariwar, Maharshi VedVyas Pratisthan. The photograph was presented to him in recognition of Shriguru’s exemplary work towards promoting unity and peace.

The second recipient of the photograph was the Honorable Shriniwas Patil, a member of the Lok Sabha and former Governor of Sikkim. The photograph was gifted to him as an acknowledgement of Shriguru’s contributions to various sociopolitical issues.

It was Honorable Shri. Rajendra Shinde who conceptualized the idea of including Shriguru’s photograph in these presentations. On behalf of the entire Gurukul Prathistan, Shinde presented the photograph to Dr. Ashok Kamat, a distinguished retired professor from Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Dr. Kamat is a celebrated author and currently serves as the President of the Gurukul Pratishthan, a renowned charity organization dedicated to research, study, and various projects related to Saint literature. The presentation took place on the auspicious occasion of Dr. Kamat’s 82nd birthday, celebrated as Sahasra Purna Chandrodayam in Hindu tradition, signifying a person’s 1000th full moon during their life.

The presence of Shriguru’s photograph added a great deal of blessings and wellness to the entire esteemed presence of honorable guests. It serves as a testament to the incredible work that Shriguru has done for society, and the impact he has had on the lives of so many people.

Honorable Shri. Rajendra Shinde’s divine concept in presenting Shriguru’s photograph on such a special day for Dr. Kamat speaks volumes about the spirit of inclusivity and gratitude that is so vital in promoting unity and peace. His actions demonstrate the importance of recognizing and honoring those who work tirelessly towards making the world a better place for all.

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