Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About the Gritty Realities of Filming Intense Scenes in Euphoria


American actress Sydney Sweeney, known for her role as Cassie Howard in HBO’s hit drama series Euphoria, recently shared the harrowing experiences behind filming some of the show’s most intense scenes. In a candid interview on First We Feast’s Hot Ones, she delved into the infamous hot tub scene from Euphoria Season 2 and a particularly challenging vomit scene.

Sweeney, now 26 years old and rising in fame, has expanded her portfolio with notable roles, including Madame Web. However, it’s her time on Euphoria that has brought her widespread recognition. The hot tub scene in Season 2, where her character, Cassie, has a breakdown and vomits amid a tumultuous situation involving other characters, left a lasting impact on the actress.

In the interview with Hot Ones host Sean Evans, Sweeney described the unsettling details of filming a vomit scene. She explained that in many productions, a concoction of mashed-up materials from the craft team mixed with milk and water is used to simulate vomit. This mixture, when placed in the actor’s mouth, creates a convincingly repulsive effect.

About Sydney Sweeney:

However, Sam, one of the directors of Euphoria, had a different vision for the scene. He wanted a more authentic and visceral depiction of vomiting. To achieve this, a pump and a concealed pipe were employed. The pipe was taped and hidden on Sweeney’s body, and the final effect was achieved through CGI to make it appear as if the vomit was coming from her mouth.

Sweeney further detailed the use of a horse bit during the scene, emphasizing the lengths taken to make the portrayal as realistic as possible. As the scene unfolded, her mouth was filled with the simulated vomit, and upon opening her mouth, it shot out, creating a visually striking yet challenging moment for the actress.

Reflecting on the experience, Sweeney expressed that it was the most disgusting thing she had ever encountered in her career. This candid revelation provides a glimpse into the less glamorous aspects of the entertainment industry, showcasing the dedication and sacrifices actors make to bring authenticity to their performances.

As Sydney Sweeney continues to make a mark in the world of television and film, her openness about the gritty realities of filming intense scenes serves as a reminder of the dedication and challenges that come with the pursuit of bringing compelling stories to the screen.


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