Tamil Nadu Cabinet Resuffles:Thangam Thennarasu replaced PTR


In a recent reshuffle of the Tamil Nadu Cabinet, Palanivel Thiaga Rajan (PTR), widely acclaimed as one of the best finance ministers in the country, was removed from his position. Thangam Thennarasu, another highly regarded minister who previously held the Industries portfolio, replaced him. PTR has now been entrusted with the responsibility of Information Technology and Digital Services, while TRB Raaja, a new addition to the cabinet, takes over the Industries department. Raaja, the son of senior DMK leader T R Baalu, is a three-time MLA from Mannargudi. T Mano Thangaraj, who previously handled IT and Digital Services, will now be the minister for Milk and Dairy Development, a position previously held by S M Nasar, who was dropped from the cabinet.Following the decision, PTR took to Twitter to express his gratitude to Chief Minister M K Stalin for the opportunity to serve as the finance minister for two years. He also expressed his excitement about his new role in the Information Technology sector.

PTR highlighted his accomplishments as finance minister, including presenting budgets during the pandemic and investing in social welfare schemes and capital spending. He emphasized that fiscal consolidation and social spending are important for an equitable society, but investment, enterprise expansion, and job creation are crucial for development and growth.PTR acknowledged Tamil Nadu’s past leadership in the IT sector and expressed his determination to leverage his experience and industry connections to attract investments, create jobs, and restore the state’s position as an IT hub. He wished his successor, Thennarasu, success in his new role.PTR’s removal from the finance portfolio was demanded by some ministers who were critical of his management style.

Additionally, he faced controversy last month when leaked audio clips, allegedly featuring his voice, suggested corruption within Chief Minister Stalin’s family. PTR denounced the audio as fake and artificially created.Overall, the reshuffle aims to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to key portfolios while allowing ministers to contribute to different sectors for the benefit of Tamil Nadu’s development.


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