TCS: “New Incentives for Jobs… That’s What’s Happening, Happy New Year!”


TCS:”New incentives for jobs… that’s what’s happening, happy new year!”

“TCS: After the coronavirus, there is a big problem with tech companies in the country. This is causing jobs to be moved back to the offices. However, even after two years, the companies are still not ready to operate, and as a result, they are saying ‘no’ to the offices. Therefore, TCS is promoting the idea of working from home and not moving back to the office in order to save jobs.”

“TSC Mail… Offers various job opportunities for national tech-digital consultants. The team members return to office targets through email sent to team leaders and managers.”

“On-site job opportunities work from the office and have their point system established for assigning their daily tasks. The employee is clearly informed about the three-day work schedule in advance.”

25/25/25 Model…

In 2025, 25% of the time will be spent working from the office as per the rules established by the Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director and CEO of TCS, as stated by the Managing Director. Only 25% of the job opportunities will be physically present in TCS offices.

“In the April system, work from office points are added to employees for smooth TCs functioning during the pandemic, said CIEL HR Services Managing Director, CEO Aditya Narayan Mishra.””Employees who are working from the office or from home have no relation to the results they are producing, said the company.”


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