Team Punjab Trend Creators Wins Prestigious “Color Palette Mastery Award” at World Couture League


Celebrating the Richness of Indian Handloom and Artisans

Mumbai — In a landmark achievement for the state of Punjab, the fashion designers of Team Punjab Trend Creators have clinched the coveted “Color Palette Mastery Award” at the recently concluded World Couture League. This accolade recognizes their exceptional skills in mastering the use of color in their creations, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Punjab.

The Color Palette Mastery Award is a testament to the team’s commitment to promoting Indian handloom and artisans, aligning with the World Designing Forum’s vision of fostering the “Vocal for Local” initiative. This award holds special significance as it marks the first initiative by the World Couture League to elevate and celebrate the artistry of Indian handloom and artisans.

World Designing Forum’s Groundbreaking Initiative:

The World Designing Forum (WDF) has consistently championed initiatives that promote and support the traditional craftsmanship of India. In a pioneering move, the WDF introduced the World Couture League as a platform to showcase the diverse handloom traditions of each Indian state. This groundbreaking effort aims to bring attention to the unparalleled skills of Indian artisans while fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for locally crafted textiles.

National Handloom Day Celebration: 7th August 2024

As a follow-up to this success, the World Designing Forum announces a historic celebration, “National Handloom Day,” scheduled for 7th August 2024. On this day, all Indian states will unite in a collective celebration, emphasizing the importance of supporting local artisans and the “Vocal for Local” mission. This nationwide event is poised to be a momentous occasion, symbolizing the strength and unity of India’s diverse handloom traditions.

Congratulatory Message from CEO Ankush Anami:

Ankush Anami, CEO of the World Designing Forum, extends heartfelt congratulations to Team Punjab Trend Creators for their remarkable achievement. He commends their dedication to showcasing the vibrancy of Punjab’s cultural heritage through the art of fashion.

Mr. Anami emphasizes the pivotal role that each state plays in contributing to the rich tapestry of Indian handloom, and he looks forward to the continued success and recognition of talented designers from across the country.

Team Punjab Trend Creators:

Captain: Jeevan Jyoti

Vani Chhabra

Bagjit Kaur

Jasvinder Kaur

This victory not only highlights the individual talent of Team Punjab Trend Creators but also underscores the collective efforts of the state in preserving and promoting the legacy of Indian handloom.

About World Designing Forum:

The World Designing Forum is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and nurturing the talent and creativity of designers worldwide. Through innovative initiatives like the World Couture League, WDF aims to bring global recognition to traditional craftsmanship and support the “Vocal for Local” mission.

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