Team Telangana Style Innovators Clinch “Living Tradition Award” at World Couture League


Hyderabad — In a groundbreaking initiative to celebrate and promote the living tradition of Indian handloom and artisans, the World Designing Forum (WDF) organized the first-ever World Couture League, showcasing the diverse talents of fashion designers from across the country. Team Telangana Style Innovators emerged triumphant, winning the prestigious “Living Tradition Award” for their exemplary representation of the rich cultural heritage of Telangana.

The World Couture League, a brainchild of WDF, marks a significant step in fostering collaboration between the fashion industry and traditional Indian artisans. It was a platform where designers could seamlessly integrate contemporary fashion with the timeless charm of indigenous handloom, giving birth to a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

This innovative initiative by WDF aimed to recognize and celebrate the artisans and weavers who are the backbone of India’s rich textile heritage. It not only showcased the talent of the designers but also brought attention to the importance of preserving and promoting Indian handloom.

In a historic move, the World Designing Forum announced that August 7th, 2024, will be celebrated as “National Handloom Day” across all states in India. This collective celebration is a testament to the commitment of the entire nation towards supporting the mission “Vocal for Local” and preserving our cultural legacy.

CEO of WDF, Ankush Anami, extended heartfelt congratulations to Team Telangana Style Innovators for their exceptional contribution to the cause. “The Living Tradition Award is not just a recognition of design excellence but also a tribute to the artisans and weavers who have been the custodians of our heritage. This is a momentous occasion, and Team Telangana’s success is a beacon for others to follow,” said Ankush Anami.

Team Telangana, led by Captain Neela Jyotsna, showcased a collection that seamlessly merged traditional Telangana handloom with contemporary designs. The team members, Neela Jyotsna, Prasanna Prakash, Banu Mohammed, Simi, Lavanya Badeti, and Nara Pavithra, played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

As India embraces “National Handloom Day,” it is a collective pledge to support local artisans, promote sustainable fashion, and celebrate the enduring legacy of Indian handloom.

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