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Charlie : The Hacker is an Indian Cyber Security Researcher, CyberSec Influencer, author and a Stock Trader. He is best known for his work in the Cyber Security community from a young age. In the Cybersecurity community, he is known as Charlie: The Hacker, but in the real world, his name is Rajiv.

He now works as a full-time security researcher and stock trader. He also collaborates with different communities to foster growth for both himself and the community. He has over 100k followers across all social media platforms.

Charlie : The Hacker is a renowned figure in the field of cybersecurity, known for his remarkable skills and expertise in hacking and online security but now he also has more than 3+ years of experiance in Stock Market & Forex Trading.

Meet this young guy who’s profitable trader and founder of few firms, The UniStocks is one of them.

The UniStocks –
Charlie started working as a Security Researcher at early age but after some time he realised to that he’s not growing his wealth, so he started learning about finance, investment and trading. He started as a investor but outcome he came out as a stock trader. Now he kept doing losses in the beginning but after some experience, realisations or learnings from the market he started doing profit and that’s how he became profitable.

After some good growth in his wealth he thought to start stock market trading classes which will help everyone to learn and earn, also charlie will get some new community, that’s how THE UNISTOCKS born. The UniStocks created with the idea of teaching india a real education of money game.

Now The UniStocks have a great team of 4 members and charlie was to much lucky to have a great passion focused team. The UniStocks is overall profitable now & looking to create more awareness of stock market or finance in all over India.

The UniStocks is a Financial Educational Firm for youngsters to make them financially independent through investment and stock trading. The UniStocks also guide people and provide best level analysis. We have experianced founders and teams & we guide or teach people from our mistakes, so that beginners won’t repeat those all mistakes.

A Quote and Message By Charlie
LIFE IS JUST A HACK ! “Never thought that you can’t do, life gives you great opportunity just you have to keep digging and have good level of patience to achieve your goal”



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