The talented Pink from a small town in Bengal has made a big mark in the cosmetic world.


Born in Alipurdaur, West Bengal, Dr. Pink Joshi has emerged as a new star in the cosmetics world. She has carved a for herself out of Bengal. She is a cosmetic expert. She started her business under the name of Pink Beauty Clinic and saloon with her hard work and today it has become a well-known brand in Goa apart from Mumbai. Dr. Pink says that we have an Academy also. We are the best for all types of skin Legar, we do Korean technological treatment using such products which do not cause any harm and we try our best to satisfy the customer. Her father is a doctor himself. That is the reason why she also thought it right to go into the medical world as a career. She was born on 16 August 1984 in Alipurdaur, West Bengal and completed her schooling at Alipurdaur School, and graduated from ABNCL College.

Her mother’s name is Sita Joshi. She has a sister and a brother. Her sister’s name is Suchitra Joshi and her brother’s name is Chandan Joshi. She is today a successful cosmetologist and beauty consultant on the strength of her talent and talent. She often comes forward to help girls. The girls working at Pink’s clinic say that Dr.Pink is a soft-hearted person, she has a big heart, and she stands by every girl who is in trouble. There is a solution to every problem. That is why it does not seem that we are workers here.

Dr. Pink says that I do not have any workers here, every staff member of my clinic is my family. That is why, today, our clinic has made a different identity and the list of our satisfied customers is very long. Dr. Pink has completed 12 years with the success of its clinic. She started the clinic in the year 2011 and today, in 2023, Pink Beauty Clinic and saloon have set a record with success. She says how 12 years have passed. I did not even know, it feels good that the business which I started today has become very big. With time, the number of customers has also increased. And the biggest thing about happiness is that we give happiness to those people who are troubled because of their appearance.

It feels great when you make people beautiful who think they can never look beautiful. After our treatment, when there is a smile on the faces of the customers, it is worth seeing and it is this smile that gives us the spirit to do better. She says that there are many TV and film actresses in Mumbai who are her permanent clients and she does not want to go anywhere else because she has so much faith in the Pink Beauty Clinic and saloon and saloon that she cannot go to any other clinic.

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