The Underground Maze: Israeli Army Reveals ‘Gaza Metro’ Tunnels


In the midst of the bloodiest Gaza war now entering its fourth month, the Israeli army has intensified its operations in Khan Yunis, focusing on the alleged architect of the October 7 attack, Hamas’s Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar. Recently, journalists were led through a tunnel system the army refers to as the “Gaza Metro,” showcasing the underground labyrinth where militants are purportedly hiding out and holding hostages.

The tour took reporters through a lengthy tunnel, reportedly dug by Hamas beneath the devastated city. This tunnel, according to the Israeli army, extended for hundreds of meters, leading towards a cemetery—an assertion that remains unverified by independent sources due to restricted access.

The war-ravaged landscape of Khan Yunis, with tanks navigating through mud amid bombed-out buildings, sets the stage for a conflict that has left the city in ruins after weeks of relentless bombing and heavy combat. Piles of rubble near the entrance to the Hamas tunnel bear witness to the destruction wrought upon the region.

As the Gaza war unfolds beneath the surface, the Israeli army’s unveiling of the “Gaza Metro” sheds light on the intricate network that Hamas allegedly employs for shelter and strategic advantage. The question remains: how will this revelation impact the ongoing conflict, and what does it signify for the future of the region?


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