Third Low-Intensity Blast Near Golden Temple Raises Concerns, Police Arrest Suspects


In yet another concerning incident, a low-intensity blast occurred near the revered Golden Temple in Amritsar on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday. The explosion took place near the Langar Hall and Guru Ram Das Sarai, prompting swift action from the police. Two suspects, including a woman, were apprehended at the scene, and a suspicious bag was recovered, further escalating the situation.Gaurav Yadav, the DGP of Punjab Police, took to Twitter to announce that the cases related to the recent low-intensity explosions in Amritsar had been resolved. He confirmed the arrest of five individuals in connection with the incidents.

However, the identities and motives of the perpetrators have not been disclosed at this time.Amritsar Police Commissioner Naunihal Singh revealed that authorities received reports of a loud noise originating from one of the buildings, prompting immediate investigations. This marks the third blast in the vicinity of the Golden Temple within a span of six days, adding to the growing concerns over the security of the holy site. Despite concerted efforts, the police have faced challenges in apprehending the culprits responsible for these disturbing incidents.Sources familiar with the matter stated that the detained suspects were residing in room number 225 of the Golden Temple’s sarai (inn). Additionally, a letter of undisclosed content was recovered, further fueling speculation and emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation.The repeated acts of low-intensity blasts near the Golden Temple have raised alarm among the authorities and the local community.

The revered shrine holds immense religious and historical significance, making it a prime target for those seeking to disrupt peace and sow fear.The police, in collaboration with other security agencies, must intensify their efforts to ensure the safety and security of the Golden Temple and its devotees. The ongoing investigation needs to be swift and thorough to identify the culprits, determine their motives, and prevent any further threats to this sacred site. The authorities must remain vigilant to prevent future incidents and maintain the sanctity and harmony surrounding the Golden Temple, an emblem of peace and unity for millions of people.


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