Tragedy Strikes as Dormitory Fire Claims Lives of 19 Minors in Guyana


In a devastating incident that has left a nation in mourning, a weekend school dormitory blaze in central Guyana has claimed the lives of 19 minors. According to a government source who spoke on condition of anonymity, the fire was ignited by a disgruntled pupil who was angry at having her mobile phone confiscated. An official police report confirmed that a female student is suspected of setting the fire as a result of her cellular phone being taken away. The teenage pupil, who has admitted to the arson attack, is currently under police guard at the district hospital in Mahdia.

Authorities are now considering whether to press charges against her. The incident occurred in a building that housed girls aged between 11 and 17. The fire not only resulted in the tragic loss of life but also left around 20 children injured, with two in critical condition. According to the government official, the girl had threatened to burn down the building on the same night her phone was confiscated, and her intentions were heard by several witnesses. Minutes later, she allegedly went to the bathroom area, where she sprayed insecticide on a curtain before igniting a match. Multiple pupils have provided consistent accounts of the events leading up to the blaze.

Despite the efforts of fellow students to extinguish the fire, it rapidly spread throughout the wooden ceiling, ultimately consuming the entire structure. The police report revealed that the girls, who were locked in for the night, were awakened by screams and discovered fire and smoke in the bathroom area. Some managed to escape, but others suffered burns and smoke inhalation. The dormitory, described as a one-flat concrete building with grilled windows and five doors, housed a total of 57 pupils. The tragic incident has prompted a widespread outpouring of grief and calls for increased safety measures in educational institutions across the country. As investigations continue, Guyana mourns the loss of innocent lives and seeks solace in the hope that such a tragedy will never be repeated.


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