Tragedy Strikes as Twelve Lives Lost in Stadium Crush during Football Match in El Salvador


A devastating incident unfolded at Cuscatlán Stadium in San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital, resulting in the loss of at least twelve lives. The unfortunate crush occurred during a football match between local team Alianza and Santa Ana-based team Fas. Following the incident, the match was immediately suspended. President Nayib Bukele expressed his shock, labeling the event as “unprecedented” and assuring the public that a comprehensive investigation would be conducted. Preliminary reports indicate that the disaster transpired when a large group of fans attempted to enter the stadium after the gates had already been closed. It is believed that counterfeit tickets were sold to some fans, further exacerbating the situation. Distressing footage shared by local media portrayed desperate supporters trying to dismantle barricades at the stadium’s entrance.

A livestream of the match on YouTube captured the moment when commotion erupted in the stands, leading to the suspension of the game. Emergency services were seen carrying injured individuals on stretchers, while compassionate fans waved their shirts to cool them down. A volunteer from the Rescue Commandos first aid group revealed, “It was an avalanche of fans who overran the gate. Some were trapped beneath the metal in the tunnel, while others managed to reach the stands and then the field, only to be overwhelmed. “President Bukele vowed that a thorough investigation would ensue, encompassing all relevant parties such as the teams, managers, stadium officials, the league, and the federation. In a series of tweets, he affirmed that the culprits, regardless of their identities, would face justice.

Ninety individuals received medical attention at the scene, and many were subsequently transferred to hospitals. The Civil Protection of El Salvador disclosed that approximately 500 people received medical treatment overall. However, there have been no reports of fatalities from hospitals, and most of the injured are reportedly in stable condition. The Salvadoran Soccer Federation expressed deep regret over the incident and declared the suspension of all national-level football matches scheduled for the following day. They also extended their support to the families affected by the tragedy. In response to the crisis, the government swiftly deployed ambulances from nearby hospitals to transport the injured to various medical facilities. Health Minister Francisco Alabi urged the public to evacuate the area cautiously, facilitating the efforts of medical teams providing care to those in need.


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