Tragic Discovery in Kenya’s Shakahola Forest: Death Toll of Doomsday Cult Rises to 201


In a grim turn of events, search teams combing Kenya’s Shakahola forest for survivors and victims of a doomsday cult unearthed 22 additional bodies on Saturday, as confirmed by a regional governmental official. This devastating revelation brings the death toll of one of the country’s most horrifying tragedies to a staggering 201.Rhodah Onyancha, a regional commissioner, addressed journalists at the Shakahola forest, expressing the somber news. While the forensic team successfully exhumed 22 bodies, there were no reports of any survivors being found during the search efforts. However, one more suspect was apprehended, raising the total number of individuals detained in connection with these deaths to 26.

Throughout the week, authorities have been tirelessly excavating shallow graves scattered across the forest, desperately hoping to find remains or any signs of survivors. The search has been ongoing as hundreds of people remain missing, adding to the urgency and emotional toll of the situation. The shocking revelations continued to unfold on Friday, when an additional 29 bodies were discovered, among them 12 children found in a single grave. The heart-wrenching sight deepened the sorrow and disbelief surrounding this tragic event.

Earlier in the week, the Kenyan court denied bail to Paul Mackenzie, the leader of the Good News International Church. Mackenzie stands accused of commanding his followers to deprive themselves and their children of food, leading to their untimely deaths, all in the misguided belief that they would ascend to heaven before the world’s end. As the investigation and search operation persist, Kenya and the international community remain in mourning, grappling with the incomprehensible loss and seeking answers to the harrowing questions that have arisen from this calamitous event.


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