Tragic Explosion in E-Rickshaw Claims Lives of Mother, Son, and Niece in Lucknow


Lucknow: A devastating explosion in the battery of an e-rickshaw resulted in the tragic deaths of a mother, her son, and her niece in Nivazpurwa, Bibidi, located in the Juggaur area of Lucknow. The incident occurred at 4 a.m. on Thursday. The e-rickshaw’s battery exploded with a powerful blast, causing severe burns to all five family members who were sleeping in the room. The explosion left Roli (25), her son Kunj (3), and her niece Riya (9) dead on the spot. The survivors, including two-year-old Samar and seven-year-old Priya, sustained critical injuries. Ankit, who bravely tried to save the family, also suffered injuries but was discharged from the hospital after receiving primary treatment. The grieving family took the bodies of the deceased to Barabanki for the last rites.

Ankit, a resident of Nivazpurwa in Bibidi, is originally from Gosainpurwa Mohammadpur Khala in Barabanki and resides there with his family. He works as an e-rickshaw driver. According to Ankit’s brother Anshu, a wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place in Gonda, where Ankit was supposed to be present. He traveled to Lucknow with his family from Barabanki, leaving his daughters Riya and Priya behind. After that, Ankit and his son Yuvraj and wife Rekha went to Gonda on May 9. They received the news of the tragedy on Thursday. Anshu informed that Ankit’s family consists of his wife Roli and their two sons, Kunj and Samar.

According to Anshu, Ankit arrived home with the e-rickshaw on Wednesday night. He had two batteries for the vehicle, one of which was already inside the room. After reaching home on Wednesday night, Ankit removed the second battery from the e-rickshaw and placed it in the room. Early Thursday morning, at around 4 a.m., Ankit woke up and went to the bathroom. In the meantime, a powerful explosion occurred. He rushed back to the room to find his family members in agony. Both batteries had exploded, causing the family members to suffer severe burns. Ankit immediately took them to a private hospital in Chinhat. However, Roli, Riya, and Kunj succumbed to their injuries. The doctors stated that Samar and Priya were in critical condition, while Ankit was out of danger.

Upon receiving the news of the incident, Inspector Vinay Kumar Saroj, the investigating officer, initiated a probe. During the initial investigation, it was revealed that both batteries were being charged excessively, leading to the tragic accident. The case is currently under investigation.

Anshu, devastated by the condition of the children and his sister-in-law, could not bear the expenses of their treatment. The treatment was being carried out at a private hospital, and he had already exhausted his financial resources. In just two days, he had to spend four lakh rupees for the treatment of six individuals. The pain of not being able to save the innocent children was evident. Currently, the treatment of the two children, Priya and Samar, is ongoing.


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