Uttar Pradesh Police Busts Sex Racket Disguised as Spa Centers in Ghaziabad’s Pacific Mall; Arrests 100 Individuals, Including Foreign Nationals


In a major crackdown, the Uttar Pradesh Police has successfully dismantled a comprehensive sex racket operating within the premises of Pacific Mall in Sahibabad district of Ghaziabad.

The operation, which involved an extensive investigation, led to the arrest of a staggering 100 individuals associated with nine spa therapy centers. These individuals have been charged with orchestrating a sex racket under the guise of providing spa services, bringing to light the dark underbelly of illicit activities thriving behind closed doors. Among the arrested, 69 girls and 31 boys have been implicated in the alleged sex racket, drawing attention to the rampant exploitation of individuals involved in this illegal trade. The gravity of their offenses has prompted law enforcement authorities to take swift and decisive legal action against them. In a shocking revelation, the investigations have unveiled the international dimensions of the sex trade conducted by these spa centers.

Not only were local girls from the Delhi-NCR region and Uttarakhand found to be coerced into participating, but foreign girls were also discovered to be involved in this heinous business. As a result, several foreign nationals were taken into custody during the operation at Pacific Mall, highlighting the magnitude and extent of the international sex racket. The Uttar Pradesh Police are continuing their inquiries into the matter, aiming to bring all individuals responsible for this despicable operation to justice. This crackdown serves as a stern reminder of the ongoing battle against human trafficking and exploitation, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to protect vulnerable individuals and eradicate such illicit activities from society.


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