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My Pahadi Dukan is a platform for Himalayan or products from the mountains, founded by Himanshu Dua and team. The startup aims to bring pure and authentic products directly from the mountains to customers across the world. To facilitate this, they have a tech-enabled and cold temperature-maintained last-mile delivery system.

My Pahadi Dukan is recognized as a startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. Their vision is to promote an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the mountain communities to help preserve indigenous practices and create sustainable livelihoods. They wish to make the best quality Himalayan produce available and accessible to the urban dweller.

Himanshu Dua has witnessed a struggling journey to reach where he stands today. My Pahadi Dukan is not just a Startup begun for selling mountain products but the culmination of an inspiring and motivating journey of Dua. Dua comes from a middle class family living in Bahadurgarh, a small village at the border of Haryana and Delhi.

After he completed his post graduation, he began travelling with some of his fellows. He travelled a lot and once they were visiting mountains, he came across very small businesses which are not known by anyone in other parts of India. Women run their small businesses there to feed bread to their children. Seeing this, Dua was determined to open his Pahadi Dukan and turn those small businesses into a large brand. And then within two months of inception of this idea, he launched the company. This is how My Pahadi Dukan started and now it’s on its way to lead.

Nowadays, when the lifestyle has become completely preservatives based, it’s extremely difficult to access authentic and pure Himalayan herbs and products such as dry fruits, spices, fruits, etc.

On the other hand, sellers from the mountains are facing challenges in creating a large online brand. They also lack proper supply chain management, and customer awareness about the Himalayan products and most importantly the farmers don’t get fair prices for their harvest.

To solve all the above-mentioned problems, My Pahadi Dukan has created a marketplace bringing the purity and joy of the mountains to everyone. The pandemic has been their inspiration to come up with such a great idea. They understand the value of organic, pure and natural edible products. Also, the Himalayan region is a highly evolving region of high-quality and natural produce.

They have partnered with over 70 brands which are spread across the 9 Indian Himalayan States and Bhutan. They have also established their own hyper-local and cold temperature-enabled delivery network to deliver fresh fruits. And They have received great and encouraging customer feedback.

They are also looking forward to launching and scaling up their D2C brand by focusing on expanding sales, marketing and accounts. In fact, they have achieved coverage from some media channels such as The Hindu, Outlook Traveller India, Reach Ladakh, TLJ Magazine, Your story and more.

In conclusion, My Pahadi Dukan has tried to do something for the welfare of all. India should be proud of them as they are making an endeavor to preserve the culture of the mountains.

Backlink – https://mypahadidukan.com/


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