Vicky Jain’s Departure Leaves Ankita Lokhande in Tears on Bigg Boss 17


In a surprising turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, Vicky Jain bid farewell to the reality show after spending a remarkable 100 days inside the infamous Bigg Boss house. The mid-week eviction, which also served as the final elimination before the season’s grand finale, brought forth a wave of emotions among the contestants, particularly Ankita Lokhande.

As the tension mounted, Bigg Boss presented a dramatic moment by asking Ankita, Vicky, and Arun Mashettey to open chits to reveal who among them would secure a coveted spot in the finale. The revelation proved to be heartbreaking for Vicky as he read aloud the word ‘evicted’ from his paper, sealing his departure from the competition.

In a poignant display of camaraderie, Vicky planted a kiss on Ankita’s forehead and shared heartfelt hugs with fellow contestants Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui, and Abhishek. However, it was Ankita who took the eviction the hardest, breaking down inconsolably as she bid farewell to her husband.

About Vicky Jain’s Departure Leaves Ankita Lokhande in Tears:

Ankita, in a touching moment, expressed her unwavering support and admiration for Vicky. She reassured him, saying, “Mere liye tu hi winner hai. Tu bahot accha khela. Mujhe farak nahi parta tujhe votes kam aye. Meri nazar me tu winner hai mera kyuki tune sanch me bohot acha khela, bohot mehnat se khela. Tu yaha bina kisi platform ke aya. Tune jo bana hai yaha ake bana hai. I am proud to be your wife. Main Vicky Jain ki biwi hoon. Please mat jao mai nahi reh paungi” (You are the winner for me because you played so well. You made your mark here without any platform. I am proud to be your wife. I cannot stay without you).

This heartwarming exchange between Ankita and Vicky showcased the deep emotional connections formed within the Bigg Boss house. It also underscored the sacrifices and challenges contestants face during their journey, resonating with viewers who witness the highs and lows of the reality show.

As Vicky exited the Bigg Boss stage, Ankita’s plea for him to stay echoed the emotional rollercoaster that is characteristic of the show. The viewers are now left anticipating the grand finale and the ultimate revelation of Bigg Boss 17’s winner, with Ankita and Arun Mashettey emerging as the finalists.


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