Violent Clash in Maharashtra’s Akola Leaves One Dead and Several Injured; Section 144 Imposed


In a tragic turn of events, a violent clash erupted between two groups in Akola, Maharashtra, resulting in the death of one person and leaving at least 10 others injured. The incident occurred on Saturday night following an argument over a minor dispute in the Harharpeth area of the old city. District collector Neema Arora swiftly responded by imposing Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr PC) in the city to maintain law and order. As tensions escalated, a large number of individuals from both groups gathered in the area, engaging in a fierce stone-pelting confrontation.

Disturbingly, the mob also resorted to setting fire to several four-wheelers and motorcycles in the vicinity, escalating the intensity of the clash. With the situation spiraling out of control, a sizable crowd marched towards the Old City police station, demanding action. In response, the police, under immense pressure, employed force to restore order. Even after midnight, the tension in the area persisted. Tear gas was deployed, and the police resorted to firing to disperse the violent mobs. Among the injured was a lady police constable, and all casualties were promptly rushed to the local civil hospital. Sadly, two individuals remain in critical condition.

To tackle the escalating crisis, senior police officials, including Superintendent of Police (SP) Sandeep Ghuge, swiftly arrived at the scene, taking charge of the situation and implementing measures to regain control. A viral video captured the alarming spectacle of the two groups pelting stones and wreaking havoc on the streets. Monika Raut, the additional SP of Akola, provided reassurance, stating that the situation is now under control. The authorities are working diligently to investigate the incident thoroughly and ensure that peace and normalcy are restored in the affected area. The imposition of Section 144 serves as a precautionary measure to prevent any further escalation of violence and maintain public safety.


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