Virat Kohli: A Stalwart’s Historic Feat in the Annals of Cricket


In the midst of India’s recent setback against South Africa in the 1st Test, the indomitable Virat Kohli etched his name in the record books by becoming the first batter in the history of international cricket to amass 2000 runs in seven different calendar years.

Facing a formidable South African pace attack led by Kagiso Rabada, Marco Jansen, and Nandre Burger, India succumbed within three days, but amidst the crushing defeat, Kohli stood as a beacon of resilience. Scoring 76 off 82 balls in the second innings, Kohli’s total for the year reached an impressive 2006 runs, making him the lone player to achieve this remarkable milestone.

Kohli’s journey to this historic feat began in 2012 when he amassed 2186 runs, setting the tone for a career marked by consistency and excellence. The subsequent years saw him repeating the feat in 2014 (2286 runs), 2016 (2595 runs), 2017 (2818 runs), 2018 (2735 runs), and 2019 (2455 runs). Each year became a testament to Kohli’s unwavering commitment to run-scoring across different formats.

What makes this accomplishment truly extraordinary is the longevity of Kohli’s dominance. Since the inception of international cricket in 1877, no player has mirrored Kohli’s consistency, showcasing his ability to adapt and perform at the highest level year after year. In an era where cricket is evolving rapidly, Kohli’s feat stands as a testament to his adaptability and enduring skill.

About Virat Kohli:

During the recent Test, as others struggled against the precision and pace of the South African trio, Kohli displayed his mastery, blending quick singles and well-timed boundaries. Even in defeat, his performance illuminated the cricketing world, emphasizing that his hunger for runs remains insatiable.

As cricket enthusiasts reflect on this historic achievement, Virat Kohli’s name now echoes in the halls of cricketing greatness. His seven-year reign as a consistent run-scorer has not only set a benchmark for contemporary players but has also etched his legacy as one of the modern era’s batting stalwarts.

In the face of adversity, Kohli’s determination to keep pushing boundaries and setting new records cements his place as a cricketing icon. As the cricket calendar unfolds, all eyes will be on Kohli, wondering if he can extend this remarkable streak and continue to redefine the limits of batting excellence. The saga of Virat Kohli’s cricketing journey continues to captivate fans worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the sport’s storied history.


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