What is “BIJLI WALA AYA” and how does it work? Who is Kishan Pandey? Everything You Need to Know


“Bijli Wala Aya” is a company that provides maintenance and services for various electrical appliances used in homes and businesses. Its main objective is to relieve consumers of electrical appliance-related issues and address challenging situations with their devices. This company is located in the Ayodhya district of the Uttar Pradesh state in India.

Bijli Wala Aya” Maintenance and Services for Your Electrical Appliances – In today’s rapidly changing technological era, the good health of electrical appliances is crucial. With the increasing lifespan of various electrical appliances used in homes, kitchens,  and the need for their maintenance and good health is also growing.

“Bijli Wala Aya” is an initiative present to meet this need.The company provides maintenance and services for various electrical appliances used in homes and businesses, helping consumers overcome their physical and electricity-related challenges.

Main Services:

1.Electrical Appliance Maintenance:

The company has organized services for the maintenance of various electrical appliances through its team of skilled technicians. This includes AC, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves and more.

2.Quality and Reliable Services:

The company is committed to providing customers with quality and reliable services, ensuring quick solutions to their problems.

3.45 Days Warranty:

All services provided by the company come with a 45-day warranty, assuring consumers of the quality and durability of the services.

4..Establishment of “Bijli Wala Aya” during the Corona Pandemic:

During the Corona pandemic when lockdowns were in effect not only in India but worldwide, people were facing numerous challenges. One of these challenges was the inability to get their appliances repaired, causing inconvenience. To address this issue, Kishan Pandey and his father Shri Veerendra Pandey, who was already a technician,came up with the idea of establishing a company that would go to people’s homes and repair their appliances. Both collaborated to launch the online company “Bijli Wala Aya” on January 21, 2021. The main goal of the company is to visit people’s homes and repair their appliances, for make it easier for them to use these devices. This initiative led to further growth in their business.

5.Future Plans:

In the last 3 years, they have served 1.5 lakh people and achieved a net worth of approximately 40 lakh rupees. Facing various challenges during these 3 years, they successfully made their company noteworthy.  Now, the company aims to double its net worth to 70 lakh rupees by 2024. Additionally, “Bijli Wala Aya” has decided to expand its startups to other cities like Lucknow, apart from Ayodhya. Soon, the example of this company will be visible in every corner of Uttar Pradesh. Overall, “Bijli Wala Aya” has not only succeeded in advancing its business but has also become a positive example in society.

In conclusion, “Bijli Wala Aya” is not only achieving success in advancing its business but is also setting an example in society. The company’s founders have faced numerous challenges in the past three years, showcasing resilience and determination. Their journey is not only a success story for the business but also an inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

7.Who Is Kishan Pandey

Kishan Pandey: Kishan Pandey is From 10th Grade to Director and CEO of BIJLI WALA AYA Company. He was born on October 15, 2003, in Ayodhya, Kishan Pandey’s story is an inspirational example that education is the key to leading a successful life, regardless of the field. Kishan’s family was ordinary, but his parents emphasized the importance of education and supported his hard work. In the local schools of Ayodhya, Kishan completed his early education. After that, he made the decision to strive for greater heights to fulfill his dreams through hard work and self-confidence.

Even after completing education up to the 10th grade, Kishan pushed himself to achieve his goals. He dedicated himself to the field of Computer and Electronic Appliances. Through relentless effort and self-reliance, he eventually became the CEO and Director of a prominent Home Appliances Repair Service company called “BIJLI WALA AYA.”

Kishan’s story teaches us that while education is crucial, an individual who is committed to hard work, perseverance, and self-reliance can overcome any obstacles in the path to achieving their goals.

Kishan Pandey’s journey of success, marked by struggles, imparts a crucial lesson – the right blend of education, perseverance, and hard work can pave the way for success in life.



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