Woman Stabbed Multiple Times by Acquaintance Following Argument; Accused Escapes


In a shocking incident, a woman was brutally stabbed multiple times by a man identified as Chandan Kumar, aged 22, as she was returning home from a local market. The altercation began when Kumar confronted the woman for avoiding him, leading to a heated argument before the violent attack took place. The victim was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, while the accused managed to flee the scene. Local police officer Ashok Kumar Singh provided details about the woman’s injuries, stating that she sustained wounds in her stomach, chest, thigh, and neck.

The severity of her condition was not immediately disclosed, but medical professionals are working tirelessly to provide her with the necessary care. Police superintendent Manoj Tiwari shed light on the background of the incident, revealing that Kumar intended to kill the woman when he viciously assaulted her with a knife. According to the initial investigation, the two individuals had known each other for four years. However, due to family pressure, the woman decided to discontinue her relationship with Kumar, which reportedly led to his anger and frustration.

Approximately six months ago, he retaliated by sharing her pictures on social media, prompting the woman’s family to file a police complaint and hold a panchayat—a village council meeting—to address the issue. During the meeting, the woman reaffirmed her decision to sever ties with Kumar and refused to marry him. Authorities are actively searching for the accused, who managed to escape after the attack. A manhunt has been launched to bring him to justice and ensure the safety of the victim and the local community. The incident has sparked concerns over the need for increased awareness and measures to prevent such acts of violence against women.


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