Women-only “Pink Parks” are planned in Delhi


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has initiated plans to establish women-only “pink parks” in all of its 250 wards, according to Delhi Deputy Mayor Aaley Mohammad Iqbal. The purpose of these parks is to provide a more comfortable and secure space for women in the city, along with various amenities. The idea was presented to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during a meeting and received support, leading to its proposal in the civic body’s Horticulture department.A pilot project for a pink park was already implemented on Mata Sundari Road, allowing children up to the age of 10 to accompany women visitors. This model will be replicated in other wards as well.

The pink parks will be equipped with facilities such as toilets, CCTV cameras, gym facilities, and graffiti-adorned walls, offering women a pleasant horticultural space.Councillors have been assigned the task of identifying one park in each ward for conversion into a pink park. Deputy Mayor Iqbal expressed hope that councillors from other parties would also cooperate in achieving this vision. However, a senior MCD official raised concerns about restricting access to parks based on gender, particularly for elderly men who may not support such limitations.The official stated that the MCD would work on the proposal if there is sufficient demand from the residents and if ward councillors submit formal requests.

The MCD oversees approximately 15,000 parks, including historic ones like Subhas Park, Roshanara Bagh, and Qudsiya Bagh, while other parks fall under the jurisdiction of the Delhi Development Authority, the city government’s Public Works Department, and the Central Public Works Department.Delhi has a historical precedent for gender-segregated parks, with examples like Zenana Park and Parda Bagh dating back to the colonial era. Deputy Mayor Iqbal assured that efforts would also be made to improve these historic parks.


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