Solar Tornado: How It’s Possible on the Sun

Solar tornado: How it's possible on the Sun

Solar tornado: How it's possible on the Sun
Solar tornado: How it's possible on the Sun

Huge tornadoes swirling on the earth.. What would happen if they were formed on the sun?  NASA has detected unprecedented tornadoes on the Sun.
Washington: Tornadoes occur frequently in America.  Vortices swirl and unite the earth and space. 

They can lift any heavy objects that come within their reach.  They create havoc for at least an hour.  What if such tornadoes formed on the sun?  What are the consequences of that?  So far scientists have not needed to know.  Now the occasion has come.
Tornadoes on the sun

The American space research agency NASA has found that huge tornadoes have formed on the Sun.  It is clear that such things never happened in the past.  Although solar storms have occurred so far – the intensity of recently detected tornadoes has been shown to be many times higher.  It has been revealed that this will affect the performance of the satellites.  In particular, the telecommunications system will be affected.
James Webb Record

Although solar storms are natural on the Sun – the fact that they occur in the form of tornadoes in contrast has NASA scientists baffled.  These tornadoes occur at 55 degree latitude in the north pole of the Sun.  NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recorded these.  The complete data related to this has been sent to NASA ground station.  Scientists are studying this.
Huge slabs broken..

NASA scientists have said that what kind of huge ice sheets are broken in Antarctica.  Tornadoes are caused by the breaking up of massive plates in the North Pole.

Dr. Tamitha Skov said that if it was blown up enough to catch the eye of the James Webb Telescope, it would give an idea of ​​its intensity.  She posted a video clip related to this on her Twitter account.
Disruption to satellites..

NASA said that the impact of these solar tornadoes can be severe on satellites.  Telecommunications and power grid will be affected, it said.  US National Center for Atmospheric Research solar analyst Scott McIntosh said that tornadoes like the recent ones are unlikely to occur again.  He said that this is considered to be the beginning and they may occur with more intensity in the future.


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