Apple AirPods Pro: Good news for Apple Lovers.. Selling AirPods Pro for Rs. 27,000 for a Limited Time at a Discounted Price of Rs. 1,150.

Apple Airpods at 21,400


“It is not known how Apple brand is going to launch its special offer. There are rumors that the company is planning to launch the product globally with a bang. But in reality, Apple products are only being sold at a higher price. Only in the matter of price, Apple products are being sold at a higher price. Many people are interested in this brand.”

“The company’s app-based brand does not have a specific strategy for dealing with this particular fraud. The company’s app is widely available globally, and there is a lot of pressure on it. However, only in terms of pricing issues, the company’s products are being sold at a discount.Despite this, many people who are interested in this brand are still engaging in electronic transactions. However, recently a flip chart has been released, their opponents are complaining.”

“The company’s airpods are facing a lot of criticism for their high pricing. The H2 chip used in these airpods has a price tag of Rs. 26,900. However, the flip chart is being sold at a discount for Rs. 21,400 in big saving deals.However, this offer does not have any impact on the exchange of old phones. By exchanging an old phone, the price of the new phone can be reduced significantly. For example, by exchanging an old smart phone, a discount of Rs. 19,000 is being offered. Therefore, there is an opportunity to buy these earbuds at a discount of Rs. 1250 by exchanging an old phone.”

“However, the flip chart is being offered with a 10% discount. Therefore, the earbuds that were originally priced at Rs. 26,900 can be purchased for Rs. 1150. Additionally, the company is also providing a free branded carrying case with the purchase of these earbuds for those who are interested in the feature. The sound clarity of these earbuds is also being praised in the sound quality aspect.This Airpods pro is providing features like water and dust resistance. Additionally, this Airpods pro has a good battery life.”


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