Apple CEO Tim Cook Comments About Indian Market..

Apple CEO Tim Cook Comments About Indian Market..

Apple CEO Tim Cook Comments About Indian Market..

Apple | Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the Indian market is very bullish.. It is very encouraging and retail stores will be set up soon.

Apple | Tim Cook, CEO of tech giant Apple, has commented on the Indian market. It is said that the Indian market is very confident and very bullish on India. India is a very encouraging market for investment, retail and online transactions. We will focus significantly on the expansion of business transactions in India,'' he said.

We have been doing well in India since the time of Covid. Now we are very confident and self-assured. Focused on business in India. We are growing the market very strongly with double digit growth every year. We set a record in quarterly revenue. We set up an online store in India in 2020. We will set up Apple retail stores soon,’ he said.
Despite the hurdles, we are doing well. India is a very exciting market for us. The main focus will be on India,’ said Tim Cook. In the December quarter results, it was revealed that the revenue earned was 117.2 billion dollars. His company has set all-time revenue records in countries like India, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and Vietnam.

Apple’s annual revenue fell five percent compared to the December 2021 quarter. Tim Cook said that in spite of the challenges, the revenue of about 124 billion dollars was obtained in 2021.
Tim Cook said that we have focused a lot on the study of the conditions in the market. Consumers are said to have more options to buy their phones and other gadgets at cheaper prices. Luca Maistri, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer-Senior Vice President, said that iPhone sales have set an all-time record in markets such as Vietnam, India, and many developed countries such as Canada, Italy, and Spain.


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