Biker Rally Shooting Claims Three Lives and Injures Five in Red River, New Mexico


Tragedy struck at the 41st annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally in Red River, New Mexico, as a shooting incident unfolded, leaving three individuals dead and five others injured. The victims, as well as the perpetrators, were not local residents, but rather participants in the biker rally over the long weekend leading into Memorial Day. Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun revealed that the shooting was gang-related and confirmed that all the shooters have been apprehended.

The precise number of individuals involved in the shooting remains unconfirmed at this time. Mayor Calhoun emphasized that the incident was a targeted attack and reassured the public that there is no broader threat to the community. The shooting occurred between two retail stores, and authorities have determined that it was unrelated to any business activities. The small town of Red River, which typically hosts a significant influx of visitors during the event, was deeply impacted by the incident.

Local businesses were advised to close temporarily while the investigation continues, causing a substantial economic setback. The victims were swiftly transported to hospitals in neighboring towns and Denver, Colorado, with law enforcement ensuring their safety throughout the process. Meanwhile, other cities also experienced a surge in gun violence over the long weekend, with multiple fatalities reported in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pompano Beach, Florida. The authorities are actively working to address these incidents and bring those responsible to justice.


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