Tragic Accident Claims Four Lives as Chartered Bus Overturns Near Bhavgarh Fanta


A devastating road accident occurred on Sunday afternoon when a chartered passenger bus, en route from Bhopal to Neemuch, met with a mishap, resulting in the loss of at least four lives and leaving six passengers injured. The incident took place near Bhavgarh Fanta at approximately 3 pm, within the jurisdiction of the Daloda police station. Promptly responding to the distress call, the police and rescue team swiftly arrived at the scene to bring the situation under control. Eyewitnesses at the site recounted that the ill-fated bus was reportedly traveling at a high speed from Jaora’s direction. However, as it approached Bhavgarh Fanta, the driver seemingly lost control of the vehicle, leading to a collision with the central divider. Subsequently, the bus toppled onto the opposite side of the road, exacerbating the severity of the accident. Preliminary information suggests that the chartered bus was ferrying passengers from Bhopal to Neemuch. Tragically, near the speed breaker located at Bhavgarh Fanta, around 18 km before Mandsaur, the bus veered out of control.

The force of the impact caused the bus to overturn across the lanes, breaching the divider. The bus, designed to accommodate 41 passengers, carried a total of 37 individuals. Among them were 17 passengers destined for Neemuch and 20 passengers hailing from Mandsaur. Departing from Bhopal around 8 am, the bus was scheduled to arrive in Mandsaur at approximately 3 pm. However, fate intervened, and the accident occurred, leading to an unexpected and devastating outcome. The anticipated arrival time of the bus in Neemuch was 4 pm.

The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident, focusing on factors such as speed and road conditions. Meanwhile, the injured passengers are receiving medical treatment, and efforts are underway to notify the families of the deceased individuals. The incident serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for vigilant driving to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future.


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