BJP MLA Ravi Sharma Faces Allegations of Misuse of MLA Fund; Complaint Lodged with Lokayukta


Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh: A complaint has been filed with the Lokayukta organization against Ravi Sharma, a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) representing Jhansi Sadar constituency. The complaint accuses MLA Ravi Sharma of misusing the MLA fund. Anil Kumar Singh, the Secretary of the Lokayukta organization, has written a letter to Ravi Sharma, asking him to provide factual, appropriate, and logical responses by June 15.

The complaint has been filed by Amit Kumar, a resident of Jhansi, against the BJP MLA. Along with the complaint, Amit Kumar has submitted various documents pertaining to the alleged misuse of MLA funds by Ravi Sharma. According to sources, the complaint alleges that MLA Ravi Sharma utilized the funds meant for development projects in the constituency to construct a road on his private land. He also installed streetlights and hand pumps. Additionally, there is a complaint regarding the expenditure of ₹80 lakh under the Chief Minister’s Rapid Development Scheme, which was allegedly utilized for work on his private property. Once the MLA’s response is received, the Lokayukta organization will conduct an investigation. Upon obtaining substantial evidence, a formal inquiry will be initiated.

“I have not received any letter from the Lokayukta organization. The MLA’s role is only to propose projects. The administration prepares the estimates and issues tenders. This complaint seems to stem from political animosity. Once I receive the Lokayukta’s letter, an appropriate response will be submitted,” stated MLA Ravi Sharma.

This development has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the misuse of public funds by elected representatives. The Lokayukta’s investigation will shed light on the allegations made against Ravi Sharma and determine the course of action based on the evidence presented.


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