Wife of FCIA officer murdered in Lucknow, one suspect arrested within 24 hours


Police in Lucknow have made a breakthrough in the case of the murder of Anamika Singh (35), the wife of an FCIA officer, within 24 hours. One suspect has been apprehended in connection with the premeditated crime. The plot involved Arjun Soni, a colleague of the officer, and his accomplice Veerendra Kumar Yadav, a resident of Itaunja, who had arrived to commit robbery. During the incident, Anamika bravely resisted, at which point Yadav fatally stabbed her and fled the scene. The police have successfully apprehended Yadav, while the search for the second suspect is ongoing. Yadav has confessed to his involvement in the entire incident.

The accused, Veerendra Yadav, exhibited extreme brutality in the murder. He repeatedly attacked Anamika with a knife, stabbing her 33 times all over her body. There was not a single part of her body untouched by wounds; he inflicted multiple injuries, relentlessly attacking her until her last breath. An autopsy report confirms 15 stab wounds on her neck, face, and head, while the rest of her body bears 18 injury marks. Anamika’s father arrived from Dubai on Saturday and requested an autopsy to be conducted.

The negligence of the police is evident in the fact that Arjun Soni, the domestic help who had been residing with the officer’s family for two and a half years, was never subjected to police verification. ADCP (East) Syed Ali Abbas revealed that on Thursday, Veerendra met Arjun at his residence. The purpose of their meeting was to plan a burglary, but within a day of the incident, Veerendra informed Arjun that Anamika had been murdered.

Anamika’s family members are in shock after the incident. They mentioned that when Arjun was the only domestic help in the house, Adarsh used to charge him a nominal rent. However, when he moved in, they arranged a separate room on the third floor for him, so he wouldn’t face any difficulties. They even waived off his rent and provided assistance when needed.

Impersonating a telecom company employee, the accused orchestrated a clever ploy to gain entry into Anamika’s house. A day before the incident, he sent a fake message to Anamika, posing as a representative from the telecom company. The message appeared genuine, with the imposter even providing his contact number. Anamika forwarded the message to Adarsh, who then contacted the given number. Veerendra received the call and posed as an employee, discussing an internet plan upgrade. The following day, on Friday, he was scheduled to visit their home. This entire plan was executed by Veerendra to gain access to Anamika’s residence. Hence, it is crucial to exercise caution and vigilance when contacted by individuals claiming to be company officials or employees.


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