Brutal Rape and Assault: Man Hides Marriage, Physically Attacks and Tortures Girlfriend in Surat


In a horrifying incident that has sent shockwaves through Surat, a man has been booked for allegedly raping and physically assaulting a woman with whom he was having an affair. The accused, identified as Nikunj Kumar Amrit Bhai Patel, concealed his marital status from his girlfriend, who later discovered the truth, leading to a confrontation and subsequent violence. The survivor, whose identity is being protected, made the shocking revelation that Patel had hidden the fact that he was married and that his wife was living separately in another village. It is reported that he lured the woman into a relationship, which lasted for a while until she uncovered his deceitful secret. Upon learning about Patel’s marriage, a heated argument ensued between the couple, leading the woman to decide to distance herself from him, as confirmed by the police. However, the accused’s reaction to her decision was nothing short of savage.

Enraged by her desire to end the relationship, Patel allegedly unleashed a brutal assault on his girlfriend, employing a cable wire to physically beat her and subjecting her to a horrifying rape. Furthermore, he resorted to an unthinkable act of torture by stuffing chillies into her private parts. As if the physical and sexual violence were not enough, Patel stooped to a new low by threatening to leak the survivor’s intimate photos on social media, intensifying the psychological trauma inflicted upon her. The severity of her injuries compelled the survivor to seek immediate medical attention, and she was admitted to a hospital for treatment. The matter was subsequently reported to the Olpad Police, who swiftly initiated an investigation into the incident.

Authorities are determined to ensure that justice is served, holding the accused accountable for his heinous actions and providing the survivor with the necessary support and protection. This disturbing incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of raising awareness about consent, respect, and the recognition of red flags in relationships. It highlights the urgent need for comprehensive measures to prevent such acts of violence and to create a society where individuals can feel safe and secure.


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