Carjackers Assault Taxi Driver and Abduct Passenger Near Lucknow Petrol Pump


In a late-night incident near Gautampalli’s Jiya Mau petrol pump in Lucknow, carjackers assaulted a cab driver and looted his taxi. The driver, who sustained injuries, was admitted to a hospital for treatment. The police have taken four individuals into custody for questioning regarding the incident. According to the police, a dispute broke out between both parties after a collision near the petrol pump.

The accused allegedly beat the cab driver and forcefully abducted a young woman who was also traveling in the car. Based on the information provided by the driver, the police apprehended three men and one woman for interrogation, using the vehicle’s registration number as a lead. The incident is suspected to be linked to a sex trafficking racket, as it involves the forcible abduction of a young man and woman from Muzaffarnagar after a transaction dispute.

According to the cab driver, Ashish, on Thursday night around 1:30 a.m., a young woman had booked a ride from Hayat Hotel to the airport. While heading towards the airport, a group of young men traveling in a car intercepted them near the Jiya Mau petrol pump and initiated an altercation, which led to physical assault. Subsequently, they forcibly took the woman along with the car. The woman consistently resisted the abduction. Superintendent Sudhir Awasthi stated that a dispute ensued between the two parties after their cars collided late at night, which prompted the police to question individuals from both sides.

According to police sources, based on the cab driver’s information, they have apprehended three men and one woman from Muzaffarnagar using the vehicle’s registration number (UP 32 HN 2857). The police have also seized the looted car. During interrogation, it was revealed that the young men had come to attend a wedding ceremony.


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