Construction Workers Unearth Approximately 400 Mughal-Era Coins at Saharanpur Temple


Around 400 coins dating back to the Mughal era were discovered during construction work at the Sati Dham temple in Hussainpur village, Nanauta area, Saharanpur. The unexpected find occurred on Sunday night when laborers accidentally stumbled upon the coins while excavating soil for the temple’s boundary wall.

Upon being notified of the discovery, local police promptly arrived at the scene and took custody of the coins. Superintendent of Police (Rural) Sagar Jain confirmed that the coins, inscribed with Arabic language markings, were utilized during the Mughal period.

To gain further insights into the historical significance and composition of the coins, the archaeological department is scheduled to examine them. This examination will help identify the metals employed in their production, shedding light on their monetary and cultural value.

The unanticipated unearthing of these Mughal-era coins has sparked excitement among archaeologists and historians, as it offers a unique opportunity to delve into the region’s past. The find not only contributes to our understanding of the Mughal period’s economic landscape but also showcases the enduring historical importance of the Saharanpur area.


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