Ram Sanehi alias Raju and Shekhar Vishwakarma sentenced to imprisonment and fined for burning the body of a woman after her murder in Lucknow


In a significant development, Ram Sanehi alias Raju and Shekhar Vishwakarma have been convicted and sentenced by Additional District Judge Dinesh Kumar Mishra for the murder of a young woman in Lucknow. The court declared them guilty on May 17, and they have now been handed prison terms and fined Rs 4,500 each.

The government lawyers, Lalit Dixit and Mahendra Prasad Tiwari, revealed that the complainant, Sundar Lal, had filed a report on February 14, 2010, at the Madiaon Police Station. According to the report, Lal had alleged that Raju and Shekhar had taken possession of a field belonging to Shiv Mangal, a villager. In the field, there was a heap of bajra (millet) stalks. When Lal visited his field, he discovered that the bajra stalks had been removed, and a human skeleton was found burnt at the site. Upon investigation, the police confirmed that Raju and Shekhar had strangled Jyoti, the victim, and then set her body on fire. Additionally, they had stolen her mobile phone and anklets.

The court’s verdict marks an important step towards justice in this heinous crime. The conviction and punishment of Ram Sanehi alias Raju and Shekhar Vishwakarma serve as a reminder of the consequences that await those who commit such brutal acts of violence.


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