Dedicated Delhi Police Head Constable Clears UPSC Exam on Eighth Attempt


In a remarkable achievement, Ram Bhajan Kumar, a 34-year-old head constable in the Delhi Police, has become one of the 933 candidates who passed the prestigious Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. Hailing from a humble background as the son of a daily laborer in Rajasthan, Ram’s success holds special significance as he is the first in his family to obtain a graduate degree. After a determined effort, he cleared the civil services exam on his eighth attempt, securing an impressive rank of 667.

When the results were announced, Ram expressed his surprise and overwhelming happiness, stating, “This was my second-last attempt. I have never been happier. My phone keeps ringing and everyone is congratulating me. My father cried. I think I did too.” Currently serving at a cyber cell police station in the South district of Delhi, Ram is now preparing for another attempt to further improve his marks, with the prelims exam scheduled for May 28.

Throughout his arduous journey, Ram never lost hope and maintained a positive mindset. Despite working full-time as a police constable, he diligently studied, fully aware of the challenges he faced. Ram said, “I just studied with a positive mindset. I knew it would be tough as I am working all day and also had to study. I knew this would change my life, and I could achieve all my dreams.”

While his family resides in Rajasthan, Ram lives with his supportive wife in Delhi. He expressed gratitude for his wife’s unwavering encouragement and credited his family for their continuous support. Reflecting on his past, Ram shared, “I never felt I was failing. My father spent more than half of his life working as a laborer. He worked very hard to send me to school and college. We struggled to make ends meet. When I joined the police force, I knew I could change the situation for others and myself. Clearing the exam gives me an even better platform.”

Ram’s journey in the police force began in 2009 when he joined as a constable, initially serving at Vijay Ghat in CP reserve. After some time, he was transferred to the Shahbad Dairy police station and eventually earned a promotion. Determined to succeed, Ram devoted himself to his studies, investing 7-8 hours every day. He even took leave to dedicate 16 hours daily to rigorous study sessions, mock tests, and practice.

With his inspiring achievement, Ram Bhajan Kumar serves as a beacon of hope and resilience for countless individuals facing challenges and aspiring to overcome them. His unwavering determination, coupled with the support of his loved ones, has propelled him to success, reinforcing the belief that dreams can indeed be realized with hard work and perseverance.


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