Dream Come True: Pune Waste-picker’s Daughter Overcomes Hurdles to Join Police Constabulary


Shayada Makandar’s lifelong aspiration to wear the khaki uniform of the police force is about to become a reality. Growing up, her father, Roshan, had always envisioned a future for Shayada as a police officer, believing it would grant her independence and security in this challenging world. Now, against all odds, Shayada, a 22-year-old resident of the Jai Hind Nagar area in Pune, is set to join the Pune Police constabulary.

Shayada’s journey began on March 20 when she participated in the physically demanding efficiency test. A month later, she successfully cleared the written examination, overcoming stiff competition as only 700 candidates out of over 8,000 were selected. With her physical examination and document verification recently completed, Shayada is now eagerly awaiting the nine-month training that lies ahead.

Roshan, Shayada’s father, stood unwaveringly by her side despite facing taunts and criticism, even from some family members. His dream was for his daughter to don the khaki uniform, and he feels that his years of struggle have finally borne fruit. The Makandar family originally hailed from Darshanal village in Solapur district, where they worked as landless laborers. In 1993, they migrated to Pune in search of a better life, but circumstances led them to work as waste-pickers and recyclers due to limited opportunities. Roshan, who studied until Class 5, wanted a brighter future for his children.

Shayada attributes her achievement not only to her father’s support but also to two organizations that played a pivotal role in her journey. The first is the Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), a trade union representing waste-pickers, which provided her with educational support and materials. The other is The New Maharashtra Academy, a private academy that helped prepare candidates for police recruitment and other competitive exams. Shayada’s determination and unwavering spirit, coupled with the guidance of police personnel Suraj Khadare, propelled her forward.

Her path was riddled with challenges. Physical training proved to be arduous, even more so than academics. Shayada started her preparations in January but faced a setback when she suffered a muscle injury while running. Knowing that missing the training would jeopardize her chances, she persevered through the pain after taking medication. In addition, studying amidst the noisy environment near her home was no easy feat, often leading her to stay up all night to compensate for lost time.

With her immediate goal of joining the police force on the horizon, Shayada also envisions completing her graduation and appearing for departmental examinations to secure promotions. Her ultimate dream is to uplift her family’s living conditions by moving them to an apartment.

Roshan, overwhelmed with joy and pride, silenced all those who had doubted his decision to support Shayada’s dreams. As friends and well-wishers gathered to congratulate his daughter, Roshan couldn’t contain his tears, knowing that his unwavering belief had led to this extraordinary achievement.

In a story of resilience, determination, and unwavering support, Shayada Makandar has emerged as an inspiration to others, proving that dreams can come true with hard work and the unwavering support of loved ones.


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