Delhi Law Firm Sends Legal Notice to Patanjali Ayurved Over Alleged Use of Non-Vegetarian Ingredient in Dental Care Product


A Delhi-based law firm, BLJ Law Firm, has issued a legal notice to Patanjali Ayurved, accusing the company of deceptively using a “non-vegetarian” ingredient in its dental care product, ‘Divya Dant Manjan.’ The notice claims that the product contains Samudra Fen, derived from the bones of cuttlefish, which is a non-vegetarian ingredient. The law firm argues that Patanjali’s labeling of the product with a green sign misrepresents it as vegetarian, thereby violating consumer rights and labeling regulations. The notice highlights the sentiments of individuals who use the product, stating that their religious beliefs were hurt upon learning about the presence of Samudra Fen in the supposedly vegetarian dental care product.

The law firm has requested clarification from Patanjali within 15 days, warning that legal action will be initiated if the matter is not addressed satisfactorily. The notice emphasizes that people have faith in Baba Ramdev ji, the renowned Yoga guru associated with Patanjali, and expect the company to uphold the highest ethical standards and transparency. The use of a green mark on a product containing a non-vegetarian ingredient, according to the law firm, contradicts these expectations. Patanjali, known for its extensive range of Ayurvedic products, including Divya Dant Manjan, is yet to respond to the allegations. ThePrint reached out to the lawyer who issued the notice, Sasha Jain, but she declined to provide further comments on the matter.

Similarly, attempts to contact Patanjali via WhatsApp and calls have not yielded any response. Patanjali’s website promotes Divya Dant Manjan as a powerful medicated product for dental problems, claiming that it strengthens gums, eliminates dental issues like bleeding and pus, removes food particles stuck in the gums, and freshens breath. The product description on the website lists Samudra Fen as one of the 16 ingredients used in the tooth powder. This controversy raises concerns about transparency in product labeling and adherence to ethical practices by companies in the consumer goods sector. The response of Patanjali and the subsequent legal proceedings will shed light on the outcome of these allegations and their impact on consumer perceptions.


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