Dr. Peggy Mohan Wins “Mathrubhumi Book of the Year” Award


Dr. Peggy Mohan, a renowned author and academic, has been awarded the “Mathrubhumi Book of the Year” award for her latest work. The award, which is one of the most prestigious literary awards in India, recognizes outstanding contributions to Indian literature.

Dr. Mohan’s winning book, which is a collection of essays, explores the complexities of modern life and the challenges faced by individuals in the rapidly changing world. The book is a testament to Dr. Mohan’s expertise in the field of sociology and her ability to shed light on important societal issues.

In her book, Dr. Mohan addresses topics such as identity, gender, and social justice, using a unique and insightful perspective. The book has been well-received by critics and readers alike, who have praised its thought-provoking content and engaging writing style.

The “Mathrubhumi Book of the Year” award is a significant recognition of Dr. Mohan’s talent and achievements. The award is given to authors who have made a significant contribution to Indian literature, and Dr. Mohan’s winning book is a testament to her abilities as a writer and sociologist.

In addition to her literary achievements, Dr. Mohan is also an accomplished academic, with a PhD in Sociology from a top university. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to exploring important societal issues and making a meaningful contribution to the field of sociology.

MBIFL 2023, popularly known as ‘Ka’ in Malayalam, featured Nobel and Booker Prize winners, Jnanpith laureate, and other artistic luminaries among over 400 names. The fourth edition of MBIFL, themed “Shadows of History, Lights of the Future,” returns at an opportune moment as Mathrubhumi celebrates its centennial year. This event becomes a thoughtful platform at this time to evaluate a journey rising from the darkness and reaching the light. The award consists of a Rs 3 lakh cash reward, a trophy, and a citation.


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