Drivers Stage Strike Over Plan Vs Aging Philippine Jeepneys


On Monday, March 6, 2023, drivers of jeepneys in the Philippines staged a strike in protest against the government’s plan to phase out aging jeepneys. The move is part of the government’s efforts to modernize the country’s public transportation system and improve road safety.

Jeepneys are a popular form of public transportation in the Philippines, and are often used by commuters for short trips around the city. However, many of these vehicles are old and poorly maintained, and have been involved in numerous accidents over the years.

The government’s plan to phase out aging jeepneys has been met with resistance from drivers, who argue that it will cost them their livelihoods. Many of these drivers are owner-operators who have invested heavily in their vehicles and cannot afford to purchase new ones.

The drivers’ strike on Monday was widespread, with many jeepneys staying off the road in protest. This caused significant disruptions to the country’s public transportation system, with many commuters left stranded.

The government has defended its plan to phase out aging jeepneys, arguing that it is necessary to improve road safety and reduce air pollution. The plan involves replacing old jeepneys with new, more modern vehicles that are safer and more environmentally friendly.

However, critics of the plan argue that it will only benefit large corporations and will hurt small, independent operators who make up the majority of the country’s jeepney drivers. They also point out that many of these drivers are already struggling to make ends meet, and that the cost of purchasing new vehicles will be prohibitive for many of them.

The government has offered financial assistance to drivers who are willing to participate in the modernization program, but many drivers remain skeptical. They argue that the amount of financial assistance being offered is insufficient, and that the program will only benefit a small percentage of drivers.

The strike by jeepney drivers on Monday highlights the challenges that the government faces in modernizing the country’s public transportation system. While there is broad agreement that something needs to be done to improve road safety and reduce air pollution, there is also a deep sense of mistrust among many drivers who feel that they are being left behind.


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