Eight-Year-Old Girl Critically Injured in Pitbull Dog Attack in Meerut


An eight-year-old girl named Varnika has been left in critical condition after being attacked by a pitbull dog in the Vaishno Dham Colony of Meerut district. The incident occurred while she was riding her bicycle with her sister outside their house. The ferocious dog pounced on her, causing her to fall off her bicycle. The pitbull then proceeded to inflict severe injuries on Varnika by biting and clawing at her.

Following the attack, the unconscious girl was immediately rushed to the hospital in a critical state. Meanwhile, other children who witnessed the incident fled in fear. Disturbed by the incident, the residents of the colony promptly filed a complaint with the police, urging them to take swift action.

Circle Officer Abhishek Patel stated that an FIR has been registered based on the complaint, and preliminary legal measures are being undertaken. The authorities are actively investigating the matter to ensure appropriate action is taken against the owner of the pitbull dog.

This distressing incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with certain dog breeds and highlights the need for responsible pet ownership. The local community is anxiously awaiting justice for Varnika and hoping for her swift recovery.


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