Woman Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Flatmate in North Delhi Residence


In a tragic incident that unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday, a 36-year-old woman named Sapna was arrested for allegedly killing her flatmate, Rani, at their residence in Majnu Ka Tila, located in the Civil Lines area of north Delhi. The arrest came after police responded to a distress call at around 7 am and discovered Rani’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. Sapna was present at the scene and subsequently broke down during police interrogation, confessing to the crime.

Sapna, a divorced mother who works as a waitress or a decorator for parties, cited verbal abuse directed at her deceased father as the motive for the violent act. Her father had passed away three months prior, and Rani’s derogatory remarks apparently triggered Sapna’s violent response. Rani, 35 years old, was employed at a beauty parlour in Gurgaon.

The unfortunate incident followed a dinner party that Sapna, Rani, and a group of friends had attended at a friend’s house in the Aruna Nagar area of Majnu Ka Tila the previous night. Both Sapna and Rani were inebriated and engaged in a heated argument during the gathering. Upon returning to their rented flat, they continued drinking until around 4:30 am, when another altercation ensued, escalating into a physical scuffle. It was during this altercation that Sapna allegedly stabbed Rani in the chest with a kitchen knife.

Rani was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but succumbed to her injuries. The police registered a case of murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, and Sapna was apprehended following her confession. The authorities are currently working to recover the weapon used in the crime, while forensic and crime investigation teams have inspected the scene.

Once the post-mortem examination is complete, Rani’s body will be released to her grieving family. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the consequences that can arise from unchecked altercations fueled by alcohol and emotional distress, leaving two lives irrevocably shattered and a community grappling with the aftermath of a tragic loss.


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