Shocking Incident at Tasgaon Crematorium Unveils Gruesome Sorcery Act


In a shocking incident that unfolded at the crematorium in Tasgaon town, a woman’s body parts were forcefully removed, and a heinous act of sorcery was performed, leaving the community in disbelief and horror. The Tasgaon police have taken one individual into custody in connection with the incident, while the main perpetrator, known as the “Mantrik,” is currently on the run. The incident took a disturbing turn as a heated argument erupted between the grieving family and the Mantrik during the removal of the deceased woman’s body parts.

The distressing chain of events began when the mother of a social worker in Tasgaon tragically passed away on Monday. Her funeral rites were conducted at the local crematorium in Tasgaon, where a handful of individuals remained until the complete disposal of the ashes. Suddenly, a group of four or five self-proclaimed “Mantriks” arrived at the cremation ground and commenced a search for specific body parts amidst the ashes. Perplexed and concerned, the family members questioned the intruders about their identity and the purpose of their macabre search, leading to a heated dispute.

As tensions escalated, one of the Mantriks brandished a knife and menacingly threatened the grieving family, escalating the already horrifying situation. The news of the incident swiftly spread, prompting concerned citizens and the Tasgaon police to take immediate action. Responding swiftly, the police managed to apprehend a young man connected to the incident, but the remaining Mantriks managed to evade capture, fleeing the scene. In light of the gravity of the situation, the Tasgaon police initiated a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

The horrifying incident has left the community in shock and disbelief, as the desecration of a deceased individual’s body is considered a grave offense in all cultures. The motive behind the removal of the woman’s body parts and the subsequent sorcery act remains unknown, fueling speculations and concerns within the community. Authorities are determined to bring all those responsible to justice and provide solace to the grieving family. As the investigation progresses, the residents of Tasgaon eagerly await answers and hope for swift resolution, while grappling with the chilling realization that such heinous acts can occur even in their close-knit community.


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