Eknath Shinde Adopts ‘Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha’


Maharashtra, one of India’s largest states, has a new official state song following the adoption of “Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha” by the state’s Public Works Department Minister, Eknath Shinde. The adoption of the song is a proud moment for the state and its citizens, who will now have an official song that celebrates their heritage and culture.

“Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha” is a popular song in Maharashtra that has been a source of inspiration and pride for the people of the state for many years. The song’s lyrics speak of the beauty, richness, and diversity of the state, and of the love and loyalty of its people. The adoption of the song as the official state song of Maharashtra will help to promote the state’s unique cultural heritage and to reinforce the sense of unity and belonging among its citizens.

The announcement of “Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha” as the official state song was made by Minister Eknath Shinde during a recent event, where he stressed the importance of preserving and promoting the state’s cultural heritage. He noted that the song is a symbol of the state’s pride and its rich cultural history, and that it will help to build a strong sense of identity among the people of Maharashtra.

The song was written by Raja Badhe, a poet who worked for All India Radio from 1956 to 1962, and was put to music by Shrinivas Khale. It was played in front of Yashwantrao Chavan by well-known folk singer Shahir Sable on May 1, 1960, at Shivaji Park in Dadar at a ceremony for the establishment of the state According to Krishnarao Sable’s wife, Shahir Sable, this song embodies the voice of all Marathi manoos. “It tells the tale of Maharashtra.” This is due to the efforts of author Raja Badhe, composer Shrinivas Khale, and actor Shahir Sable.


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