Florida University Professor Breaks World Record, Living Underwater for 74 Days and Counting


In a groundbreaking feat of endurance and scientific exploration, Joseph Dituri, a professor from a Florida university, has shattered the world record for the longest time living underwater. As reported by CBS News, Dituri has been residing at Jules’ Undersea Lodge for an astounding 74 days, with plans to extend his stay to 100 days as part of the extraordinary “Project Neptune 100” biology study. Dituri’s underwater odyssey began on March 1, when he submerged himself in the 100-square-foot habitat located 30 feet below the surface at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Inspired by his insatiable curiosity for discovery, he embarked on this mission to not only inspire future generations but also to provide invaluable insights to scientists worldwide who study life beneath the waves and explore the human body’s response to extreme environments. Breaking the previous record of 73 days set in 2014 by two other esteemed professors, Dituri expressed his humility and dedication in an Instagram post, stating, “My goal from day 1 has been to inspire…but my mission doesn’t end here.” With 23 more days remaining underwater, he aims to conduct further research, engage learners of all ages, and continue his transformative journey of discovery.

While living at Jules’ Undersea Lodge, also known as “Dr. Deepsea,” Dituri is meticulously monitored by medical professionals who closely analyze his bodily functions through regular urine and blood sample analysis. A psychologist and a psychiatrist are also documenting the psychological effects of prolonged isolation in a confined environment, drawing parallels to the conditions experienced during space travel. Dituri’s ambitious study primarily focuses on how the human body copes with the long-term effects of immersion in extreme pressure. Throughout his remarkable underwater sojourn, he adheres to a rigorous routine, which includes consuming protein-rich meals, exercising with resistance bands, performing daily push-ups, and indulging in an hour-long nap.

As Dituri approaches his 75th day underwater, he candidly revealed his yearning for one aspect of life on the surface. “The thing that I miss the most about being on the surface is literally the sun,” he disclosed to the Florida Keys News Bureau. Undeterred by this longing, he remains steadfast in his mission to unravel the mysteries of underwater existence and inspire a profound appreciation for the fragile wonders of our aquatic world.


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