Former “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah” Actress Monika Bhadoriya Exposes Working Conditions on Set, Alleges Non-Payment of Dues and Unsupportive Environment


Monika Bhadoriya, known for her role as Bawri in the popular TV show “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah,” has come forward to shed light on the working conditions she experienced on the set. Bhadoriya claims that after leaving the show in 2019, the makers failed to pay her dues of three months, amounting to approximately ₹4-5 lakhs, for over a year. She further alleges that the production team deliberately withheld payments to torture the cast members. Bhadoriya’s revelations paint a grim picture of her time on the set, describing it as a “hellish” experience. During her tenure on the show, Bhadoriya faced personal hardships as her mother battled cancer. Despite her mother’s critical condition, the show’s producers remained unsupportive. Bhadoriya recounts being summoned for early morning shoots after spending nights at the hospital. Even when she expressed her emotional distress, she claims she was forced to come to the set. Moreover, Bhadoriya shares that her work was often unproductive, leaving her waiting without any substantial tasks.

The situation worsened when Bhadoriya’s mother passed away. She claims that producer Asit Modi failed to offer condolences and instead called her seven days later, demanding her presence on the set. The production team allegedly insisted that she prioritize work over personal grief, highlighting a lack of empathy. Bhadoriya describes enduring mistreatment and harassment on set, with the team exhibiting unprofessional behavior. She also mentions being subjected to arbitrary and disrespectful treatment, including being called an hour before the scheduled call time. In addition to her grievances against Modi, Bhadoriya suggests that the current cast members are unlikely to speak out due to fear of losing their jobs.

She reveals that she was coerced into signing a contract preventing her from speaking negatively about the show or its team in the media. Bhadoriya emphasizes that she experienced financial exploitation, as her initial monthly payment of ₹30,000 remained unchanged despite promises of a raise. She concludes by stating that the treatment she endured was unparalleled and expresses her disdain for the show’s executive producer, Sohil Ramani. Monika Bhadoriya’s revelations provide a glimpse into the challenging working conditions and alleged mistreatment on the set of “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah,” shedding light on the darker aspects behind the popular sitcom.


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