Pfizer’s Indian Unit Temporarily Halts Sale of Vital Antibiotics due to Manufacturing Issues


Pfizer Inc, the renowned American pharmaceutical company, has decided to suspend the sale and use of its critical antibiotics in India. The temporary halt comes as a result of technical problems encountered during the manufacturing process. In a letter addressed to stockists, distributors, and hospitals across the country, Pfizer requested an immediate suspension of the sale and distribution of four of its drugs: Magzex, Zosyn, Magnamycin injections, and Magnex Forte.

The affected medications play a crucial role in treating severe bacterial infections and are particularly administered to patients suffering from critical illnesses or those admitted to intensive care units. Pfizer explained that the decision was made due to certain “deviations” identified at the manufacturing facility responsible for producing these flagged drugs. Astral Steritech Private Limited, the manufacturer of these medications, is currently investigating the matter. While Magnex is commonly prescribed for various types of bacterial infections, Zosyn is used to treat a wide range of infections caused by bacteria, including stomach, skin, pneumonia, and uterine infections. Additionally, both Magnamycin injections and Magnex Forte are utilized in the treatment of bacterial infections affecting the ear, sinus, throat, lung, urinary tract, skin, and soft tissues.

The letter from Pfizer emphasized that the temporary suspension was a precautionary measure aligned with best practices. The company intends to keep stakeholders informed about the progress of the investigation and any subsequent steps to be taken. In the meantime, they have instructed recipients of the letter not to engage in any further sale, distribution, or use of the mentioned products until further notice. The decision by Pfizer’s Indian unit reflects its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in the pharmaceutical industry. While the temporary suspension may cause some inconvenience, it is a responsible step to ensure patient welfare and the integrity of the affected medications.


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