Genus Power Infrastructures Secures Major Orders


Genus Power Infrastructures, a leading Indian power and energy company, has announced that it has secured multiple orders worth over Rs 2,850 crore. The company, which provides a range of energy solutions, including power meters, transformers, and other energy management products, has been growing rapidly in recent years and is now one of the largest players in the Indian energy market.

The new orders include a major contract to supply advanced power meters to various government and private sector clients, as well as a number of other contracts for transformers, energy management products, and other energy-related services. These new contracts will help Genus Power Infrastructures to expand its market presence and strengthen its position as a leading provider of energy solutions in India.

The company has been working hard to improve its competitiveness and increase its market share, and the new orders are a testament to its success in these efforts. With its innovative products and services, Genus Power Infrastructures is well positioned to continue growing and capturing new business in the Indian energy market.

The CEO of Genus Power Infrastructures, Mr. D.K. Garg, expressed his excitement about the new orders, stating that they are a major milestone for the company and represent a significant step forward in its growth journey. He also emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers, and expressed his confidence in the company’s ability to continue growing and expanding its market presence in India.

Many State Electricity Boards (SEBs) have made requests and requested bids for the installation of smart metres, demonstrating that the ‘Reforms-Based, Result-Linked Power Distribution Sector Scheme’ is having a real effect, according to the business. The firm anticipates substantial revenue growth in the future quarters as a result of high order intake and supply chain normalisation. Jitendra Kumar Agarwal, joint managing director of Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd, stated that these order wins provide a lot of visibility into future income.


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