Goa Government Initiates Vision For All School Eye Health Initiative


The government of Goa has taken a major step towards ensuring better eye health for school students by launching the “Vision for All School Eye Health Program”. The initiative aims to provide comprehensive eye care services to school students and raise awareness about the importance of regular eye check-ups.

Through this program, the government aims to reach out to every school in the state and provide eye check-ups and treatments, if necessary, to the students. The initiative is a much-needed step towards addressing the rising concern of poor eye health among children and teenagers. It will also provide a platform for early detection of eye problems and prompt treatment, thus preventing any long-term vision damage.

The government has taken this step in collaboration with various eye care organizations and eye specialists. These organizations will provide their services and expertise to ensure the success of the program. The program will cover all aspects of eye care, from basic eye tests to advanced treatments for eye disorders.

The Vision for All School Eye Health Program is a commendable effort by the government of Goa to provide comprehensive eye care services to school students. It will not only help in improving the eye health of students but also create awareness about the importance of eye care and early detection of eye problems.

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Dr. Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa, stated that identifying and addressing eye health issues in children at an early stage is critical to halting further progression. In this regard, the Goa government is establishing a training programme for schoolteachers to detect and recommend children with eye health concerns for further treatment. The qualified instructors will also perform basic visual acuity tests on all students prior to the start of the school year.


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