Govt Approves Rs 4,800 Crore Scheme for Holistic Development


The Indian government has approved a Rs 4,800 crore scheme for the holistic development of villages along the country’s borders. The scheme, called the Border Area Development Programme (BADP), will focus on the socio-economic development of border villages and address the challenges faced by residents in these areas.

The BADP was first launched in 1986 with the aim of providing infrastructure and basic amenities to the border areas. The programme has been expanded over the years to include initiatives for economic development, healthcare, education, and skill development.

The latest version of the BADP scheme will cover 111 districts in 17 states, including Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, and West Bengal. The scheme will provide funding for a wide range of initiatives, including the construction of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, the development of irrigation facilities, and the promotion of agricultural and horticultural practices.

The BADP scheme will also focus on providing better healthcare facilities to residents of border villages. This includes the construction of hospitals, health centers, and dispensaries, as well as the provision of essential medical equipment and supplies.

Education and skill development are also key components of the BADP scheme. The programme will provide funding for the construction of schools, hostels, and vocational training centers, as well as the provision of scholarships and other incentives to encourage children to attend school.

The BADP scheme is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of residents in border villages. These areas have historically been neglected in terms of development, and residents have faced a range of challenges, including poor infrastructure, limited access to healthcare and education, and lack of economic opportunities.

The implementation of the BADP scheme will help to address these challenges and provide a much-needed boost to the socio-economic development of border villages. The scheme is also expected to have a positive impact on national security, as it will help to create more prosperous and stable communities along the country’s borders.

Overall, the approval of the BADP scheme is a positive development for the country’s border regions. The scheme will provide funding for a wide range of initiatives that will help to improve the lives of residents in these areas and create more opportunities for economic growth and development.


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